1. I'm going to click up here in the box and it's going to highlight it for me. And now I can actually search for that font so I think it is called Mr. E's. And here are all the Mr. E fonts loaded up for you. So the type of kid is really awesome because it's a great place to search for fonts. So I'm not sure exactly which one email marketing company in Mumbai it is that we wanted and I can't see the texts. So let's grab the move to let's just move this down and grab the title as I hover over these you can see it change so we can find one that looks really good. OK, I think I like the mod.

2. Heavy so I'm going to select that and I think that's going to look pretty good. So now we can go ahead and add in our texts. We're gonna have another piece of text in here so we can add that in now or we can edit it later. I'll go ahead digital marketing company and put it in. So let's go ahead and grab that title. We're going to click out here and we're going to type in for perfect photos. So twenty-one camera tricks for perfect photos. Now, this fun I want to actually be a different font than what I would use for my camera tricks. It's nice to use two different fonts. Typically you don't want to go over two or three fonts but if you want to use two different fonts it can look really nice.

3. So I'm gonna go ahead and highlight this and you can go back into type kit and pick a font. I'm gonna go ahead and use one that I already use. Often it's called voltage so I'm going to click up here and then type in voltage. There it is voltage regular. And it's this kind of script hand font. Now I know it's an email marketing company in Mumbai little hard to see I'll bring it up here in this dark area so you can see it but it's a nice little handwritten script font. So now what we can do is we can start trying to place our text around this image and seeing what works.

4. We have this nice white space on the left-hand side. And so this is probably where we're going to put our texts. So we just want to find out the best placement for this and we can use compositional theory to place these sayings we can use the line of sight or whatever we want. I kind of like this open space email marketing company in Mumbai down here so we'll maybe start here and let's make this a little bigger. So this is let's go ahead put this up to OK so that's a good start. Let's go back to our one camera tricks over in layers. A panel created two type layers for us. Twenty-one camera tricks and four perfect photos.

5. Just because my mind works the way that I see things written I'm going to drag twenty-one camera tricks up and put that above for perfect photos. Now, this is too small also. So let's go ahead and change the size here. OK. That's email marketing company in Mumbai still too small. So you can type in any number you want so I can go in and double this. But one. Now, this is looking a lot better. We want nice big Tex like this. That's easy to read. You've got to remember that this is going to be looked at on not only computers but you know smartphones and tablets. And it has to be legible at a smaller size. So what I'd like to do it as I'm working is I will go ahead and zoom out a couple of times and see how this looks at say percent where this is actually probably closer to an actual thumbnail on YouTube. 

6. Now it's really competing with the background. And we're going to go ahead and fix that in just a moment. Let's go ahead and get this type where we want it and then we'll fix it so we can read it a little better. I'll show you a little trick for that and then also we can do some more adjusting. But I like email marketing company in Mumbai to zoom out zoom in sometimes I'll go really far out. I can still read the main title there for perfect photos is getting a little hard to see but not too bad. So you want to do that every now and then to make sure that what you're creating is legible. So I like this. Let's go ahead and move tricks down to the next line. So I'm going to hit enter.

7. I have a huge spacing thing going on here it's probably part of my characters. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to highlight all this and I'm going to open up the character panel. If you don't have it go to the window and click on the character. I have it over here. So I guess select that wrong one. And yet this I have a spacing. Which one is this corn? I always forget the names of these email marketing company in Mumbai but this is the spacing from line to line spacing I guess you'd call it. It's at points so we could just type something in here I could just put in and see how that looks. Or you can click and drag that icon and I'll automatically move it for you. So this is really cool. This is a nice way to do this so I can go ahead and click my move tool and then see how this looks. This isn't a bad start.